Multi-site Marketing

The docs24 platform model is great for businesses running multi-city and multi-country marketing. Managing marketing and documentation across multiple sites can be a challenging task, one which can have an impact on brand consistency and take up a lot of valuable time. Our platform helps eliminate these issues regardless of whether a business has 5 sites, or 500.

docs24 recently won a major European contract to provide such a service for a UK wide online building supplies business. We will be providing end-user bespoke branded marketing content, automated through API integration with our client’s ordering platform. The automated process will eliminate thousands of manual and labour-intensive hours and allow marketing to get to the end-user faster with more consistent branding.

The platform will be built in January ready to be used by the marketing and business development teams across the UK. As part of the build process, we will be working with the business to ensure they get exactly what they want.

docs24’s innovation and client-first approach has really resonated with this client. The business culture within both companies is very similar and this will help ensure the roll-out process goes well. The platform rollout is due at the beginning of February and we’re excited to see how our product will support this business in the future.