Have you considered adopting a marketing portal on a number of occasions but didn’t quite get round to it?

Whether you are a BDM, a franchise, reseller or a large business with multiple business locations, marketing portals with web-to-print capabilities really are indispensable. This is especially true for organisations that produce large volumes of print marketing content on a regular basis.

If the above sounds all too familiar, then managing your assets digitally is likely to be the path you need. With increased productivity, improved communication and workflow, as well as a structured system of operating, the benefits are extensive.
Here are 4 signs that you need a marketing portal with web-to-print capabilities.

1. Producing new assets

One of the biggest costs relating to the production of marketing assets is the use of a professional graphic designer. From the original designs to re-edits, the cost can quickly accumulate. Even the simple task of re-working of business cards can be a time-consuming exercise. Spending time and resources re-creating misplaced or deleted files can easily be avoided by adopting a marketing portal.

Enabling you to search through previous work, a marketing portal will provide a central store of work that could either be reused or re-edited. New templates can also be uploaded with editing rights. Brand elements that shouldn’t be changed can be locked down, while other elements can be personalised. This saves time and money that would be spent on producing assets from scratch.

2. Campaigns and branding are lacking consistency

Inconsistent branding tends to be a result of the wrong style of imagery used, the wrong font used or perhaps even an old logo being used that is now out of date. For multi-site organisations that are sending out a lot of messages, this can become a real challenge. If you have spent the time to brand your business correctly, you need to ensure each department is representing the corporate image in the way it was intended. Using the wrong version of an asset can dilute the brand and make your communications incohesive. It’s important to monitor the assets that are available and how they are being utilised.

Implementing a marketing portal allows you to control individual access, and make sure your employees can only access the right version of an asset. This includes the latest logos, promotional material, and the right corporate documents. This ensures you maintain brand integrity across all touch points.

3. Failure to communicate between creative teams

Within large organisations, it is very likely that there will be more than one person working on creating marketing assets. Each team member has their own way of working, and processes can quickly become confused, especially if new people join the organisation. With different systems for saving and naming files, it can be difficult to find the latest version of an asset. Workflow redundancies can very quickly creep in that can slow down important business activity.

By creating a central repository within a marketing portal, all members have instant access to the same shared resources. Even those working remotely can access the files produced, wherever they are in the world. As a result, miscommunication is kept to a minimum as everyone is working from the same assets, using the same system.

4. Extensive admin procedures

Ordering printed marketing material can be a laborious task. Calling multiple suppliers, requesting quotes, designing and sending files, waiting for proofs, making corrections, and waiting for your products to arrive all slow down the time to market. As a result, valuable time is taken up that could be spent on the more important tasks. Adopting a marketing portal with web-to-print capabilities can eliminate many of these tasks. It can also help avoid costly mistakes such as sending the wrong files or not proofing prior to printing.

Branded marketing templates are uploaded onto your web portal so you can edit them by uploading imagery, adding body text, prices, changing text colour and much more with a click of a button. The ordering process can take minutes instead of days, returning many lost hours back to your business, where your teams can focus their energies on building strategies and driving revenue.

Personalised docs24 portals can help your teams work more efficiently by allowing you to create and manage all of your branded digital and print marketing assets through one easy to use, cost-effective and creative portal with web-to-print capabilities.