Giving your customers the feeling of familiarity,  personalisation makes them realise how important they are to your business. It also helps to develop a personal connection, which will not only make your consumers feel valued, it is also very beneficial for your ROI and response rates.

Here’s our 5 tips for creating personalised direct mail campaigns that deliver your desired results.

1. Be your customer’s friend. Use what you know about the customer  and write them a small, personalised message that will truly resonate with them. Focus on them, rather than you. Give more importance to the benefits of your product rather than its features. Be a friend to them and offer honest recommendations, rather than simply a company they buy from.

2. Give importance to your design and layout. Even if you have the best copy to have ever been written, your mail might still end up in the rubbish bin if it looks plain and boring. Use fonts and colours that will best speak to your consumers. Avoid long blocks of text as this will possibly alienate the reader – opt for headlines and subheadings instead.

3. Ditch the cliches. Don’t try to impress your customers with ALL CAPS, bold and even italicised letters, plus multiple exclamation marks!!! These are the visual cues of junk mail and should be avoided at all costs.

4. Involve your audience.  Try to involve your audience as much as possible and make them laugh. Don’t just show an image and describe it underneath, make it like a puzzle piece in their heads, as this will usually make them take their time to reflect on your mail.

5. More is better. While sending a single piece of direct mail is most practical, direct mail experts know that more than one item in the envelope means the package is more likely to be noticed – so enclosing other pieces as well as a personal letter is a good thing – you can and should make reference to them.

Personalised mail feels like it was written by humans, for humans and it can make your audience anticipate more mail from you! Our ensure that your direct mail marketing campaign will deliver your desired results. docs24 can also save you from sending mass campaigns to unknown recipients by providing highly segmented individual and business address data covering the whole of the UK.