Environmental Approach

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating a sustainable future.

We already provide solutions to help our clients cut their emissions.

With this commitment, however, we will be examining and introducing new solutions aimed at making a positive impact on the planet. Our goal is to achieve net zero accreditation as set out by the Green House Gas Protocols (2011).

Thanks to support from Carbon Happy World, we are proud to share our Sustainability Strategy Framework. This document utilises data from 2022 to provide us with our baseline carbon footprint calculation as we continue to work towards our net zero goal.

Our Carbon Happy Journey

With the support of Carbon Happy World, we have evaluated our current carbon footprint to create a base for future improvements to be measured against.

We will assess the readiness of our staff and stakeholders to engage with the journey and ensure everyone is on board.

We will develop an action plan for carbon emissions reduction over the next 10 years which will include sustainable learning, carbon tracking, and community outreach.

These aims are reflected in our core values of commitment to integrity, ethics, and reliability in our everyday practices.

We aim to release our action plan to net zero emissions by June 2024.

Our Environmental Policies