Direct mail is a powerful channel for getting your message into the hands of your best prospects. Through targeting, persuasive messaging and proven direct response techniques, you can use direct mail campaigns to generate a consistent flow of new sales leads.

Having worked with a number of retail businesses over the past 4 years, we have helped our most consistent clients create and deliver direct mail campaigns which have generated ROI returns of up to 1000%. Since we have been able to deliver over 40% of customer traffic during a promotional period, it doesn’t come as a surprise to us that many clients come back year after year to help them execute creative and enticing direct mail campaigns.

Retailers tend to believe that social media and email marketing are the only tools they need, however both of these channels can become “noise” to consumers, generating little or no return. That is why so many national retailers use direct mail when they need to drive store traffic.

Want your direct mail to be successful and bring your desired return? Follow our 4 key focus areas:


Your product is not right for everyone. Don’t waste your money sending to people who will not respond. Take the time to find the right people for each campaign. You will not only save money, but decrease the frustration level of people who didn’t want your offer. We offer our clients highly targeted business and consumer data services, where they can apply filters including age, gender, annual salary and family composition to save sending mass campaigns to unknown recipients.

2. Personalised

Start by identifying the key pain points of your customers and prospects, then design your offers to address those points in order to increase responses. When you can solve a problem for them with your product, your offer has more value to the recipients. It urges them to take action.

3. Message

You must be concise with your message and offer. Start by writing out everything you want to say. Then pick only the most important thing. Build your text around that one thing with the use of bullet points to highlight only the key information. Then use bold fonts to draw attention to important words the reader needs to know. Your offer needs to be easy to understand, short and enticing.

4. Images

In our experience, the best use of graphics and images we have seen have been able to convey the message without anyone actually reading the words. This is very hard, and in some cases, impossible. However, your graphics and images must support and enhance your message to be effective. This focused approach will give the reader reassurance that you understand their problem and you can easily solve it. The selection process can take time, so build that into your schedule as well. One pitfall can be when images are able to be interpreted in more than one way. Make sure to consider any unintended references before you use an image.

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