How will the GDPR impact your marketing mix?

Many of you will already be working to ensure your data activities comply with the new standards. If you use data but haven’t started reviewing what your company needs to do to be compliant, we strongly suggest that you start now. The danger of not being ready is significant: fines can be as much as 4% of global turnover, and the ICO has made it clear that they will be pursuing organisations of all sizes and types who break the law.

Here’s 5 essential things you need to know about GDPR for Direct Mail

1. You won’t need consent for postal marketing

ICO (2018) argue that you can rely on legitimate interests for marketing activities if you can show how you use people’s data is proportionate, has a minimal privacy impact, and people would not be surprised or likely to object. This is fantastic news for your marketing as this means that you can continue with your direct mail campaigns with only minor changes.

2. Mail is the recommended method to obtain consent

The Direct Mail Association (DMA) have recommended mail as the channel of choice for obtaining consent for marketing channels that are affected by the new GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations.

3. Mail can offer a higher response rate than other marketing channels

Mail has been shown to offer higher response rates than other marketing channels and here are just a few reasons why: is it cost effective, convenient, targeted and memorable.

4. The power of Door Drops

Research conducted by Royal Mail has found that 92% of respondents read door drop material delivered to their house and 59% visited a company’s website after receiving a door drop. What’s more, the Royal Mail’s research showed that 67% of people were prompted to make a purchase. And finally, Royal Mail says that 20% of respondents shared the material with other members of the household, further extending the reach of door drop material.

5. Mail targeting and data cleansing

Making sure that the data you have is up to date and that the marketing campaigns that you run are efficiently targeted at the correct audience, can help your company save considerably on marketing.