The ultimate goal with any marketing campaign is a high return on investment.
Follow our simple tips to boost your print ROI and achieve the desired results, whether it’s creating more leads or closing a sale.

1. Target the right audience

Your audience represent the people who have a problem you can solve, and who are willing to pay to have it solved. To make the most of your print ROI make sure who your target customers are and build your campaign around their needs, their lifestyle and spending habits.
It is also important to ask yourself how much revenue you want to generate, how many new leads you want to gain and how much product you want to shift.

2. Promote seasonal offers

Industry research shows that customers respond well to seasonal offers and are more likely to buy if there’s a discount coupon included or other incentives.

3. Make it easy for customers to get in your door

If you are asking your customers to visit your store or showroom, make it easy for them to get there, by adding a map or sat nav friendly address on your print marketing items as well as additional directions if your place is not the easiest to find.

4. Be valuable

Offer valuable information and advice in your promotional material. This way you build trust and credibility as an expert in the industry and are more likely to have your audience buying from you.

5. Integrate with digital and call campaigns

Combine your digital marketing campaigns with your print campaigns to maximise your ROI. Use QR codes to drive your audiences to your website or social campaigns with ease, reinforcing your brand statement both in the digital and offline world.
Use outbound calls to follow-up on your print campaigns, as it can double the response rate of your campaigns as well as remind your audiences of your brand and offerings.