Today’s business owners and stakeholders know that the customer lifecycle is as simple as the traditional sales funnel. They have various touchpoints to manage, each requiring different methods and complex approaches for meaningful engagement. As your organisation’s content is being prepared for relevant marketing channels, how will it evoke the type of experience that you want your end users to have?

The answer to that question depends on your company’s branding identity. Organisations have the important task of developing, distributing as well as measuring their brand message through their content. Measuring their content’s success helps to establish a brand identity. A brand identity should be clear-cut in all of the marketing content available for customers and prospects. For content that isn’t ready for the public,businesses should have the right tools for developing the right message for their brand.

Using docs24 branded marketing portals, teams can create their organisation’s brand identity and ensure their branding stays consistent. Our personalised marketing portals are ideal for franchise networks, departmental organisations, charities and multi-site businesses. Brand logos, brand message, official fonts, and approved images can all be stored, shared and utilised within editable templates. It allows you direct and total control over the creation, production and distribution of your marketing assets without the need for time-consuming email contact with ‘middle people’ – designers, account managers, printers, mailing houses or colleagues at different locations.

While designing a portal, our docs24 technical consultants can determine the branding and aesthetic choices that are displayed in the interface. A real challenge is creating a brand’s message through a product or service, which becomes even harder if a team can’t share information quickly with other members. With branded docs24 portals, teams send immediate updates and approve documents before anything gets ordered. This removes tedious procurement and administration tasks from skilled personnel, whilst maintaining brand control and consistency, as well as considerably reducing your marketing spend.