An Asset Management Platform is a key resource used to create, manage and distribute branded marketing content and company documentation. It helps businesses control their brand, while giving team members the opportunity to personalise assets of their own.

The larger a company, and the more branches, sites, partners representing the brand, the more challenging it becomes to manage assets across teams and customer segments.

However, an Asset Management Platform allows companies to efficiently scale, thus, businesses can work globally while marketing locally. This is achieved by giving all employees and partners fast access to branded materials that can be customised within minutes. The result is that all customers have a cohesive experience with a company as every touchpoint is on-brand and up to date.

What are the key benefits of the docs24 Platform?

  • Speed: The process to create branded content can be reduced from days to minutes with just a few easy clicks.
  • Ease of use: There is no longer a need for professional designers or complicated, expensive tools with every personalisation.
  • Seamless workflow: Our customised portal allows teams to upload documents, imagery and collaborate quickly and within set parameters wherever they are. It offers teams the ability to make changes to pre-filled fields and order prints or digital assets from the platform or send print-ready media to a chosen print provider.
  • Brand Management: Consistency is key with your brand. The Platform helps to keep control of your brand regardless of who is using it.

Where does an Asset Management Platform help?

A quality platform provides a setting to host assets for users, and empower them to adapt materials for local needs. Capabilities you might expect to see in an Asset Management Platform include:

  • Marketing Production: The platform can host templates such as posters, flyers, and social media assets. It provides the ability to adapt images and text to a local market or promotion within each template.
  • Corporate Assets: Hosting of your corporate images, documents, logos, etc.
  • Brand Showcase: Communicate the brand in action with coverage of marketing events from product launches to most shared blog posts.