Meet our two new interns! Livia and Rohaan are studying International Tourism & Marketing Management and Business Management with Entrepreneurship respectively. We decided to catch up with them and find out a bit more about them and how they are settling in…

Let’s get to know you a little bit first; what do you like to do in your free time?

Livia: I love sports. Since I was 6, I’ve been dancing, swimming, playing tennis and aikido and ended up playing volleyball for 11 years. I played volleyball in Romania and when I moved to Scotland, I continued to play at junior and senior levels. I’ve played for 2 teams and had matches all across the UK winning gold, silver, and bronze medals! I like to mix different sports and exercises depending on my mood and to keep my mind and body challenged by doing things like yoga and squash.

Rohaan: I like to keep fit in my free time. I do box training 6 days a week, learning the sport and the discipline behind it. Doing a sport helps clear my head while I’m working from home. I have created a home-gym with weights and essential work-out tools to give me the feeling and environment of being at the gym. I also enjoy socialising with my friends and spending time with them, keeping in touch as much as possible and hanging out with them frequently.

You’ve joined docs24 during lockdown. What’s that been like for you?

Livia: I thought joining a new company would be stressful and joining it during lockdown would add more tension and pressure. But, I have to admit, I was surprised to meet such warm and devoted colleagues. Even though I’ve only met them and communicated with them through video calls and group chats, they’ve really made sure that I am always looked after and have helped me settle in easily and comfortably. The ambience the team has and their focus on helping me to achieve my placement goals is phenomenal as I know they are working their hardest on their own projects too. They are always checking in make sure I am on the right track or if I need any help. It is very appreciated, and I am honoured to work with such a dedicated and caring team.

Rohaan: For the first couple of days I was a bit nervous as I was joining a new company and for the first time working in the business management and digital marketing industry. The whole experience was totally new for me even though I have worked in sales before. But as soon as I met the team and saw their welcoming personalities I felt more comfortable and relaxed. It’s been great! The team are very supportive and are always available to answer any questions that I have. Even though we are communicating over a screen, they are still able to teach me and guide me on the right path.

What have you been doing to keep yourself motivated? What do you regularly to help you enjoy your working day?

Livia: I like to plan and organise my day ahead. I have a notebook where I write about each day’s activities, as well as listing out the tasks I have to achieve during the day. Usually, I also write my main tasks on sticky notes and tick them off to help me visualise what I have achieved. To help me enjoy my day, I like to have a fruity tea ready before starting work; not camomile though as it makes me sleepy! And of course, I love to be warm; I need to have my fluffy socks on along with the heater next to me to make me feel cosy.

Rohaan: I like to schedule and plan out my day before I start work. I write my plan and tasks on a spreadsheet with what I should do and how long each task should take me, giving myself deadlines to complete them. Having a schedule that I can easily visualise helps me coordinate and achieve my tasks. I also go for a walk in the morning before I start work to clear my head. And of course, a good coffee before work to wake me up and to give me the energy for the day ahead is essential!

Has anything funny happened to you while you’ve been working from home?

Livia: Because I am home alone, my dog, a golden retriever, loves to get my attention! She cannot simply stay by herself. To get my full attention and love, she opens my door with her nose (yes, she is that determined when it is about getting attention) and climbs under my desk to sit on my feet. During most of my meetings and team calls, she’s there lying on my feet! It’s really nice though, she emanates a great heat which keeps me warm!

Rohaan: Most of the time my parents and siblings are trying to walk into my room when I’m having meetings or group calls! I keep having to make hand gestures for them to leave so that it won’t be seen on camera all while I’m trying to concentrate on the call!

What is one thing that has surprised you since you started at docs24?

Livia: Apart from being surprised by such a warm and welcoming team, I was deeply surprised by the weekly interactions from our CEO, Jim Rae. He often gives me a weekly call to check up in on me, my progress and any problems or questions I have. I was overwhelmed by his thoughtfulness making sure I am enjoying my time during placement and that he is here for me if I need any help or even to have a chat. His attentiveness surprised me, as I have never experienced any CEOs from my past jobs to check upon. It has really made me feel valued as a person and as an employee.

Rohaan: It really surprised me how well relationships are managed within the organisation, even though we are working from home. It feels like we are all working together in the office, not from home. Tasks still get completed and everyone seems to be working well. The team is well organised and we’ve been allowed to work independently, which makes me feel less pressured, as I am able to work at my own pace.

Finally, after such a hard-working life, where do you hope to be when you are 60?

Livia: Hopefully on an exotic and tropical island, surrounded by sun, sea and sand, some palm trees too. While only working from the phone to check on and make sure my family business that I have managed is going well and stays strong for my future generations.

Rohaan: I would like to be retired by then. I can see myself somewhere hot, away from Scotland, as its too cold here, and living a comfortable lifestyle, financially and with close people around me as well.