We could lie and pretend nothing ever goes wrong. But we pride ourselves on always being upfront with our clients and pretending we are always perfect goes against what we are all about as a company. Things go wrong in every business. For example; we’ve probably all had an unusual request from a customer. Or know what it can be like being a new staff member still learning the ropes. Or we’ve dealt with the challenge of explaining a new process to a supplier.

Risk Mitigation

However, knowing how to mitigate risk and handle situations when things go wrong is what sets one company apart from another though.

At docs24, our clients’ needs and requests are the most significant driver for our work. Consequently, we are always realistic with our clients from the start to avoid as many issues as possible. But when something does go wrong, it doesn’t matter who’s at fault, responding quickly and resolving the situation is our first priority. We never put our clients’ work at risk.

Only once the issue is resolved and our customers’ work delivered do we carry out a review of what went wrong and where it went wrong to ensure we can avoid preventing the same issues in the future.

At docs24, dealing with problems isn’t just about how we respond if they happen. Our processes focus on risk mitigation; We work hard to ensure problems don’t happen in the first place, however, if they do, we review how our process could avoid it in the future.

Here are a few of the things we do to reduce service issues;

We communicate.

  • Our CEO, Jim, regularly talks with our clients and encourages them to give honest feedback on our services and how they have experienced their interactions with us. Thus, we get to know where we might need to improve, even if, overall, they are delighted with our service. These things are what set us apart from others. We strive to be the very best we can be and never sit on our laurels.
  • There is always someone available to talk to a client, new or old, through a defined process with the result that all the information provided is accurate and done in the right way.
  • We ensure each staff member understands when a process has changed and always communicate with each other to stay on top of our work and each client’s needs.

We stay proactive.

  • Last-minute changes are a given. With this in mind, we stay proactive so that we can manage these changes quickly and efficiently. Last year one of our big clients changed the dates on a major sale the week before with the result that all designs needed re-done and reprinted. By actively contacting our clients impacted by this we ensured those who needed updated documents got them on time.

We always learn.

Training our staff is really important. However, this doesn’t need to be formal training;

  • We ensure our staff understand our clients’ expectations. To this end, our company culture guides our responses.
  • Our company culture is incredibly important to us. Ensuring our colleagues understand it and adhere to it at all times is crucial.