Written By Kirsty Cannon

Pandemic Rollercoaster

The past twelve months have been a challenging rollercoaster for companies across the globe and navigating through these unprecedented times has been extremely complex. Dealing with the reality of this pandemic has taken many by surprise, as it’s difficult to think of any event which has forced so much change to businesses in such a short period of time. With all the uncertainty, it has been important that we, as a team, communicate with our clients and our team with empathy and compassion.

Docs24 have had the facilities to work remotely since March last year, meaning we have been able to connect seamlessly with our clients as well as each other. Although it was difficult to navigate at the beginning, understanding the fine line between supporting clients and over-selling, we were able to outline a strategy going forward. This enabled us to maintain the solid relationship we have created with our clients, even during such a difficult period. Through emails, social media, telephone calls, marketing campaigns and communicating on a personal level, we have been able to understand what our client’s protocols are, allowing our team to adapt accordingly.

A lot of our clients, like so many in the country, had to shut their doors to customers during the pandemic. This meant they had to adjust the way they operated and communicated with their customers. Therefore, we had to do the same and adapted our communication in order to maintain a solid partnership with the companies we have created such a strong bond with over many years. By doing this, there was a level of understanding between both parties and therefore, we engaged more constructively with both our clients and our customers in order to suit their needs and wants.

2020 was difficult for all the business world. A turbulent journey that no one expected and now, as we all see the potential return to normality, we can reflect on the past twelve months. Through trial and error, email after email and a lot of video calls, we believe that although it was unprecedented, different, and unbelievably hard, there will be many things that companies all over the world will have learnt. These lessons may be used to create more dynamic, adjustable, and adaptable workforces who have the ability to thrive in any environment!