Over the past 11 months companies, employees, and households all over the globe have been adjusting to life without face-to-face meetings, catch-ups, commutes, and even a post-work drink at the bar! It’s been difficult to manage and thinking back to this time last year seems a million miles from the day-to-day schedule we’re working through these days, with online software the choice of communication for many workplaces. But with normality and restriction-free living insight, we’ve been looking back at our team socials over the lockdown period.

It’s important to maintain as much contact as possible so that when we’re finally allowed back in the office together, there isn’t a culture shock! So, at docs24, over the past few months, we have been having online team socials so we can have a bit of fun and get the weekend started! Every Friday we sign on to a team call, beverage of choice in hand, and have a blether (for our non-local readers, it’s a Scottish term for chat!). We chat about the past week we’ve all had outside of work hours. Some topics of discussion have been what we’ve been looking forward to most when restrictions are lifted, where our dream holiday destination would be, and divulging any video meeting blunders.

We’ve learned a lot about our colleagues during these socials, particularly about their levels of competitiveness judging by last week’s quiz! Social Online QuizWe learned of Jim’s, our CEO, desire to visit Japan and Australia once travelling is back on the cards, of Kirsty’s, our Account Executive,  anticipation to travel back to Tenerife with her mum and of Rachel’s, one of our Graphic Designers, desire to return to one of her favourite restaurants.

Many people have also taken up hobbies since lockdown started, and we found out all about what the docs24 team has been up to since last March. Our Account Director, Paul, has tried his hand at home-brewed cider, creating an excellent alcoholic beverage which he drank over the festive period! We are all hoping he will share the fruits of his labour with his colleagues upon return to the office! Account Executive, Alicja has begun dedicating more time to stitching, most recently starting to stitch a hawk and we can’t wait to see the finished piece! Some of our team members have also taken up a form of exercise with walking, cycling, running and sit-ups being some of the chosen forms, though these have possibly deteriorated in the past few months following the Christmas period…!

Here in the UK, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the long tunnel which has taken a toll on a lot of people throughout the world. We’re keen to see if any of the hobbies we have taken up over the lockdown periods will be carried on once restrictions have been lifted, and even if any new interests will arise following the re-opening of shops and services.

Will you be continuing with any of your new hobbies, or will you try your hand at something new?