By Martin Rae & Rohaan Mohammad

Like many businesses, at docs24 we believe that the fantastic working relationships we have built up with our customers over the years have been a crucial factor in allowing us to continue to develop and grow over the pandemic period. This all stems from the vision of our management team. Their insistence on propelling our company culture to the forefront of everything we do has allowed every one of our customers to have a positive and memorable experience every time they place an order.

The culture of a company has a massive impact on how it is viewed by its customers, staff, and the general public. The docs24 culture is maintained by following our core values and behaviours set out by our CEO. These core values are;

Our main ambition at docs24 has always been to build long-term relationships and trusted partnerships with our clients. We believe that the key to the success of any sales-driven business is its ability to communicate with its customers in a respectful and honest way, building mutual trust. This means in practice that we may not always be in a position to help our client directly, but we will always have the integrity to point them in the direction of someone who can.

Integrity is often an undervalued trait in the business world. There are many companies who place their own sales results and growth above everything, even if it means their customers are not getting as good a result as they should. This can be best summarised by the following:

“Honesty is the cornerstone of all success. Without honesty, confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist.”

– Mary Kay Ash

This open and honest way of communicating with our clients has allowed us to develop the strong relationships that are so important to us. It has also helped to ensure that even during the uncertainty of the last year, we have been able to continually support our clients through the pandemic.

Our culture of integrity is, in many ways, more important than being able to grow or work with new clients. Maintaining a high level of service for clients we have worked with for years is our biggest indicator of success. It demonstrates our adherence to the cultural values that we take so much pride in. The biggest example of this is that of Howdens Joinery. Howdens are a UK based Building and Trades company and have been our customer since docs24 first started. One manager we have worked with for many years summed up their experience:

“docs24 has literally transformed the way we communicate with customers and staff. Knowing that we can react immediately and drive valuable outcomes through almost instant communication has brought many benefits to our business. The cost savings are significant, but the speed transformation is incredible!”

– Howdens Depot Manager

Our core values also set out a culture for constantly innovating and making improvements to our established ways of working. As a Technology Services company this has proven to be especially crucial during the pandemic. Many businesses have had to adapt their processes in order to allow for the majority of people working remotely. Quick-thinking innovation has proven to be key in allowing businesses to continue to support their clients. The knowledge that our clients can always rely on our ability to deliver our products and services regardless of any challenging circumstances is another indicator of how crucial company culture has been to our success.

It may indeed be true that the way we work as a company may have to change when moving out of the pandemic period, but we are confident that our company values and culture and the great relationships we have with our clients will allow us to continue to flourish whilst maintaining the highest standard of service we have set ourselves to provide to our customers.

From all of us at docs24, we cannot wait to see what the future holds.