The backbone of any successful company is in providing the best possible customer service. Great customer service is built on having a relationship based on mutual trust. Thus, continuously providing a high standard of service to your client ensures this trust is maintained. What is equally as important, however, is being able to manage your client’s expectations. This helps to promote a realistic level of service and a better overall experience.

How do we ensure expectations are realistic?

Being upfront with your client about turnaround times and the level of service they should expect from you on any given project is crucial. Being open from the start helps to avoid any discrepancies or disappointments.

At docs24, we pride ourselves on being able to have open and honest conversations with our clients. These allow us to ascertain their expectations. From here we can advise them honestly on which of these we will be able to adhere to. Any unrealistic expectations can then be discussed together. This allows us to set expectations to a realistic level. We can ensure we never promise to deliver things just because it seems easier than being upfront by having these honest conversations.

For example, imagine we’ve been asked to work on a project we know will take 5 days to deliver. Our client wants it in 2 days. We will not promise the client that we will have it delivered in 2 days just to please them and ensure they hand over their project to us. Rather we will discuss what we can do in their timeframe, and options for getting their work to them as soon as is reasonable. We are always upfront with our costs, lead time and the way our processes work.

In most situations, the best thing for the client is to be real with them. By doing this, they can better manage their own timelines and workloads. The working relationship can only strengthen and grow if they are able to recognise the benefit of this honesty.

Why is it so important?

One of the primary reasons why we at docs24, have been able to retain our clients for so many years is because of our open and honest approach to expectations. And why we continue to receive so much positive feedback from them.

The following excerpt summarises the necessity to have these honest conversations with your clients:

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” 

– Don Alden Adams

Every business should strive to have integrity. In doing this your client will place further trust in you because you are seen to always do the right thing for them. This applies whether there is an immediate advantage to your business or not. This will allow you to deliver the best possible service whilst not just saying “yes” to keep your client happy.

To summarise, the popular phrase “the customer is always right” is, to an extent, rather accurate. However, it is, we believe, the duty of any successful business to guide its clients. This is easily achieved through an honest assessment of what the client can reasonably expect from you and what you are able to deliver. By having the integrity to be honest with your client, rather than bending to their every request without compromise, you can form a more dependable and effective working relationship. It is these relationships that will encourage client loyalty and lead to greater rewards all-round for your business and clients.