Not only are Christmas Cards a tradition, but sending a business Christmas Card lets your client or customer know that they are important to you. This simple item helps you keep your brand on the mind of your customer and client base, and it also helps you build a stronger business relationship with the vendors that you rely on to operate your business.

Here are our five tips to help you do it the right way:

Don’t send your cards in digital format.

While free email Christmas Cards are convenient and affordable, these can easily be mistaken for spam and they just don’t have that personal impact that a physical hand written card does. There is also a good chance that your card will sit on their desk for a period of time, further engraving your brand in their mind.

Send only business Christmas Cards that are tasteful.

You may think the Christmas card making fun out of Santa is hilarious, but this is not the time to try and find out whether your client has a sense of humour. Stick with traditional themes and messages to make the best impression. Our personalised company portals offer a wide range of creative and memorable Christmas cards templates for you to choose and create your own in minutes. Make an even bigger impact by tossing something awesome inside such as a gift voucher for them to redeem against their next purchase.

Think of this as the cheapest form of customer acquisition and retention available.

If you don’t think you can turn customers into repeat purchasers and keep them coming back with a simple holiday card, you are mistaken. Think about how much money you spend on new customer acquisition – is it less than £2 and a couple minutes of your time? That would be highly unlikely. Consumers naturally want to do business with companies and people that they feel value them.

Measure it!

As with all campaigns, measuring its success is fairly essential and you could be spending time, money and effort on something that is not doing anything like a good job. The Christmas Card is a perfect way to remind customers of who and what you are; they can serve as a catalyst for staying in touch all through the year and can be a great way to get another strand of your marketing campaign underway.

Send them out early.

At the very latest, your cards need to be received before Christmas Day. If they arrive after 1st of January, they lose their impact. Also, many companies are closed for the holidays so you really need to make sure your cards are delivered before the break. At docs24, we can take care of the postage for you, making sure your cards get delivered on time.

Finally, how many people really say “thank you” to their customers?