Businesses today are reconsidering their marketing strategies to include current digital technology but one aspect has not changed, and that is the need for communication to the consumer.

The current digital marketing tools do not replace the need for brochures, flyers and many other promotional items delivered through direct mailing still enchant and put a business’s message right in front of a potential customer. It’s not just an either or situation, as direct mail campaigns can be used successfully to support other forms of advertising such as SMS marketing and email campaigns.

The right approach can help to reinforce a brand message and ensure a successful conversion. It’s important to remember that direct mail offering free or unique gifts can help boost a customer’s perception of a brand, building loyalty as a result. But how can brands achieve this given the wealth of competition and marketing noise everyone is surrounded by?

Step 1. Divide your customers into groups

Make sure that you divide your customers into many small groups. It is important that you divide your customers into smaller groups so that you can categorise them more effectively, ensuring that you the messages you send out are more targeted to their specific requirements, lifestyle and circumstances.
By dividing your audiences into small groups you can also analyse the response rates so that you can see methods and approaches that worked, and those that didn’t, helping you to improve your approach in future.

Step 2. Use a softer approach

Make sure that you aren’t just selling your products or services to people every time you contact them. Begin not by shouting at them about your low prices, your new features or your delivery charges. Try offering them a reason to read what you have to say by making it relevant, and providing something of value. Your offerings can vary from a discount voucher, to a free trial or a heads-up about a special launch or event.

Step 3. Less is more

Consider the piece of mail sent and the offer carefully. Bear in mind that a simple, less expensive mailing, such as an oversized postcard can often bring the most response.