Often when we move into a new year we focus on the things we want to achieve in the future but spend little time celebrating what was achieved in the past. 2021 was a big year for docs24 and while we expect even more from 2022, we want to take the time to celebrate what our team has already achieved.

Celebrating our people.

2021 saw some significant changes in our team. We said farewell to one colleague and welcomed 5 new ones to our Edinburgh office! As our business is growing and we are serving new and growing clients, our own team needed to grow too. We welcomed Donna into our finance team; Ross and Marta into our client services; and Amy and Kirsten into our design team. We also began expanding our US team by welcoming John, who is based in Dallas and Jane, who is in Atlanta. Each has brought their unique skills, helped the company grow and helped us deliver better solutions faster.

As well as our new colleagues, we can’t forget to celebrate the accomplishment of Jim, our CEO, who won the WeDo Scotland award for “Inspiring Leader of the year”. Jim has always turned down nominations for personal awards preferring to focus on team awards. But he was surprised at the WeDo award ceremony, having been kept in the dark about the nomination. As a team, we were able to join the celebrations at the ceremony and celebrate the win alongside Jim.

Seeing success.

Not only did Jim receive an award in 2021, but docs24 also received a number of global awards. These awards recognised the hard work put in by the docs24 team and our continued innovation throughout changing and challenging times. Among the awards received was “Most Innovative Marketing & Brand Management platform – 2021” from Corporate Excellence and being featured in the Silicon Review’s “30 innovators to watch 2021”.

Celebrate our Client work.

Despite changes and challenges around the globe for many companies, we were delighted to continue working with our amazing clients and support them as they grew through adversity.

We were excited to expand our work with one major client. 2021 saw us become their key global supplier and produce a new service for them. Our team now supports them both through our Marketing and Brand management platform and through our project management services.

We also completed the platform builds for 2 new clients in the UK and began taking orders through their bespoke portals.

Finally, we were excited to welcome a new client in January 2022, Nordan, and begin working on their bespoke platform. They are an amazing business and we are looking forward to working closely with them throughout the year.

Our Innovation and Product Development.

Innovation was a key to success over the past few years as we manage changing work expectations and styles. The same was key to docs24’s ongoing success. In 2021 we began work on a new service for the Life Sciences sector; binder management and production, which has been one of the fastest-growing parts of our solution portfolio.

Looking to 2022

We can’t look back at the last year and not consider our ambitions for 2022. We were able to achieve a lot in 2021. However, innovation and growth mean always looking ahead and thinking about the future possibilities.

Two of our main expectations for 2022 are;

  • To expand our services: We are looking into how our clients are changing. By understanding their changing needs we will be looking at offering more services and a more complete package. In 2022 we’ll be working towards developing new services which we’re sure will help our existing clients stay on top of their projects and return valuable time back to them.
  • To expand our US base: We have already begun the journey to expanding our work in the US. Jim and Paul began the new year with an 11 day trip to the US, meeting with clients, prospects and our current US team to discuss how we can expand there and how we can welcome new staff to docs24 during 2022.