docs24 has been chosen to produce and distribute the COVID-19 testing documents for a major Pharma company, in conjunction with the UK government. With such high stakes, the pharma company needs to be working with a reliable, forward-thinking business that has a track record for delivering innovative solutions along with the complete trust that they will deliver the end products 100% of the time at an extremely cost-effective price.

docs24’s solution is ideal for this type of production because we work with the very best pre-vetted vendors who are experts in their chosen discipline. This means we can have the very best blended solution from multiple vendors rather than one vendor trying to push a square peg into a round hole. docs24 manage this complete end to end process for our client, who, in turn, know that they are working with the very best no matter the requirement.

We are thrilled to have been chosen to contribute to this hugely important and high-profile project. We believe our technology can be a vital part of setting the way forward out of this pandemic and ensuring swift responses for any future global emergencies such as this one.