Our Story 

Where we started

Docs24 started in 2013 to challenge the traditional method of producing commonly used documents and moving out of date processes to a new technology-enabled solution. Our goal was to improve turnaround times and reduce client spend but, most importantly, to return lost hours back to our clients.

Our business started helping a very well known retail bank and in changing a centralised to local ordering process we reduced out of date obsolescence to zero, minimised print costs due to only ordering what was needed and stopped risks of fines for sending out inaccurate and out of date content.

So, who else would have these challenges? The answer was, everyone did and we were determined to help as many companies as possible streamline their processes through our tech-enabled process outsourcing.

where docs24 are now - our current logo

Where we are today

As business and technology have evolved over the last few years, so have the solutions that we provide. From our banking and home improvements beginnings we now project manage 100’s of clinical drug trial document and provide clinical supplies to support trial requirements through our global team. We also find, engage and manage pre-vetted vendors all over the world.

We now route essential documents directly to the sites, rather than producing them in a central place and incurring storage costs before shipping them all over the world. Through the utilisation of our process improvement teams and vendors, we have now saved one of our clients over 50,000 hours per year, millions of dollars on shipping costs and significantly reduced the overall time associated with the process.

Where we’re going

Our goal is to have Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and Contract Research Organisation (CRO) clients on every continent. The creation of life saving and life enhancing drugs is not going to slow down and docs24 is committed to assisting our clients in getting these drugs to market faster.

While our award winning business has evolved and our client base is now global, our core principles have never changed. Service excellence, integrity, reliability, innovation and open, honest, respectful communication.

The team at docs24 is united around our culture. We always do the right thing – no question – it’s who we are.

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