Last Mile, Wet Ink Signature Coordination

Global CROs and sponsors, large and small, trust us to manage their last-mile wet ink
signature coordination, regional formatting, and delivery.

We can help you bridge the fragmented world regulatory landscape. Done on a per-unit basis –
no subscription and no implementation required.

The Grey Areas of
Signature Requirements

The introduction of the 2016 European Parliament and eIDAS legal framework changed signature requirements for the EU. This legal framework, with its remaining grey areas, means wet ink signatures are still required or preferred in many EU countries.

Whether a legal requirement in the member state, a cost vs benefit choice, or simply a preferred format for signatures, docs24 has you covered.


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The Regulatory Process with docs24

Getting your signed documents to their destination is easy with docs24.

Schedule a pickup or drop off of the

originals and we’ll handle the rest.

docs24 prepares the files according to your instructions, collating them with any required printed documents, and creating an electronic version on
CD-ROM if requested.

The compiled documents are shipped and the tracking number is provided to you upon dispatch.

We challenge the status quo with our ethos of simplification through innovation. Our tech-led approach to clinical document solutions allows CROs and Sponsors to get back to doing what they do best.