Marketing at their fingertips

With an annual turnover of 1.3 Bn, the client supplies kitchen and joinery products via circa 700 depots across the UK and managed their own print marketing, each brand working with a local supplier.


Before starting to use docs24, the client’s traditional way of working was to contact a printer with design ideas, taking a few days going backwards and forwards with the printer to agree design details. The materials would be printed over a couple of days and delivered back to the customer depot. End-to-end this was a 5 day upfront process and a 48 hour turnaround once designs were agreed. As end prospects were not specifically identified as targets, the bulk mass marketing cost also contributed to the traditional process cost and effectiveness. What’s more, the client was printing customer address labels and sticking them on to their marketing material in house, a process which took hours of staff work.


The client was looking for a solution to help simplify the process of creation, approval, production and distribution of their marketing material.

When the client moved their marketing process to the docs24 cloud-based platform, where they had instant access to a variety of custom made design templates, they could create marketing material in minutes and have their collateral printed and distributed straight from the production house, saving them considerable time and resources.

In 2017, 650 orders were supported by docs24, allowing the release of over 32,000 hours back to the business. The client has also been able to increase the speed of the marketing process. At a margin daily spend, the business can now generate up to 20m in sales 5 days quicker than before.