Greater marketing control

The client is operating from 38 locations with the intention of expanding to 150 within three years.


The company currently create high volumes of marketing packs for each of their locations, branded to their individual customers, which is then personalised for the end client.

The client as a business had no brand recognition within these packs. Before they contracted with docs24, all marketing packs were compiled by in-house staff, which was time consuming and expensive. On studying the process, it was found that a location would take 7 hours and 50 minutes per week to create, produce and pack their marketing packs.


The client moved their marketing production process to the docs24 online platform, where a variety of custom made design templates can be fully integrated alongside their existing customer relationship management process.

As an immediate result, the 7 hours and 50 minutes spend on the old marketing pack production process has now been reduced to 10 minutes per day, saving the branch 7 hours per week. The total time saving across all branches equates to over 1,000 hours per month.

The output generated on the platform is of a higher quality and consistency than the client was previously able to produce. Based on the efficiency savings delivered, the client plans to produce other items via the docs24 platform integration, which will only increase the front-end savings to the business.

What’s more, the client is able to choose where they or their own customers have brand recognition through the new design and production process, allowing them greater control in the marketing of prospects.